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Aircraft & Airplane Sound Effects :

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A10 Warthog Firing Gun (MP3)
C 130 Hercules Taking Off (MP3)
F18 Hornet Taking Off (MP3)
Fighter Jet (MP3)
Fighter Jet Bombing Ground (MP3)
Fighter Jet Strafing Ground (MP3)
Helicopter Flying (MP3)
Helicopter Huey Flying (MP3)
Jet Engine Start Up (MP3)
Jet Engine 747 Start Up (MP3)
Jet Landing (MP3)
Jet Breaking Sound Barrier (MP3)
Jet Breaking Sound Barrier2 (MP3)
Jet Taking Off (MP3)
Propeller Aircraft Flying (MP3)
Small Plane Diving (MP3)
WW2 Dogfight Sounds (MP3)



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