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Animal Sound Effects :

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Bird Sound (MP3)
Bird Sound 2 (MP3)
Bird Sound 3 (MP3)
Cat Meowing (MP3)
Cat Meowing2 (MP3)
Cattle Drive Sounds (MP3)
Cattle Mooing (MP3)
Cattle Mooing2 (MP3)
Chicken Clucking (MP3)
Chickens Clucking (MP3)
Coyote Sounds (MP3)
Crickets (MP3)
Crow (MP3)
Dog Barking (MP3)
Dog Whimper (MP3)
Dolphin Sounds (MP3)
Ducks Quacking (MP3)
Elephant Trumpeting (MP3)
Geese Flying (MP3)
Hawk Scream (MP3)
Horse Whinnying (MP3)
Lion Roaring (MP3)
Lion Roaring2 (MP3)
Monkey Sounds (MP3)
Mosquito Buzzing (MP3)
Mosquito Swarm (MP3)
Multiple Dogs Barking (MP3)
Multiple Dogs Barking (MP3)
Owl Hooting (MP3)
Peacock (MP3)
Pigeons Taking Off (MP3)
Pig Squealing (MP3)
Rattlesnake (MP3)
Rooster (MP3)
Seagulls (MP3)
Sheep Baa (MP3)
Tiger Growling (MP3)
Wolf Howling (MP3)