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Air Conditioner Running (MP3)
Cash Register Opening (MP3)
Bell (Church Bell) Sounding (MP3)
Bell (School Bell) Sounding (MP3)
Bugle Cavalry Charge (MP3)
Camera Shutter (MP3)
Car Phone (MP3)
Car Alarm (MP3)
Cell Phone Vibrating (MP3)
Chainsaw (MP3)
Clock Ticking (MP3)
Door Bell (MP3)
Drill (MP3)
Electric Buzzing (MP3)
Electric Razor (MP3)
Fax Machine (MP3)
Gas Generator Running (MP3)
Gong (MP3)
Grinder Start (MP3)
Grinding Metal (MP3)
Lawnmower Starting (MP3)
Microwave Oven (MP3)
Modem (MP3)
Radar Detector (MP3)
Radio Tuning (MP3)
Police Radio Chatter (MP3)
Sewing Machine (MP3)
Smoke Detector (MP3)
Sonar Ping (MP3)
Start Grinder (MP3)
Submarine Dive Alarm (MP3)
Telegram Clicking (MP3)
Telephone Ringing (MP3)
Telephone Ringing Ear (MP3)
Telephone Off The Hook (MP3)
TV Static (MP3)
Typewriter (MP3)
Typewriter & Phone Ringing (MP3)
Tuning Old Radio (MP3)
Vacuum Cleaner (MP3)
Vinyl Record Static (MP3)



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