M1A1 Battle Tank Green Screen


Free video clip animation of M1A1 Battle Tank turning and firing the turret. This video footage is computer generated motion graphics. The animation effect is on a green screen background.This computer animation is Royalty Free video. Video is free for you to download and use for your Movies, Presentations or You tube videos etc. Animation was created using Adobe After Effects & Blender. Video is in MP4 format.

Terms of use

You may use any of these Effects on this web page in your video, audio and multimedia projects under Creative Commons License for your benefit. All I ask that you read the terms of use on this page and keep true to the ideals of Creative Commons as many people give their time to create provide this material to you. Please give credit to Audiosoundclips.com and link back to the site if possible when using them as sometimes there are multiple authors including myself and I will list them on the page here. By downloading you are agreeing to these terms. Royalty Free & Creative Commons Sound Effects, Video, Motion Graphics & Footage.

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